Openbare Verlichting

At the centre of the long Zuiveringsgebouw on the Pazzanistraat is the Openbare Verlichting (Public Lighting) building, an unadorned hall with a striking mezzanine balcony running around the interior. It is the ideal setting for any conference, debate or presentation for up to 200 people.

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The Openbare Verlichting is fully equipped with a fresh furniture line and all the necessary amenities. It also includes basic technique, mood lighting and a private WiFi network. View the brochure for more information. The meeting set up is flexible to be altered and removed for other events and settings.

At the rear of the building, there is a spacious entresol, which can serve usefully as a production area, and a passageway to the Polonceaukade. The Openbare Verlichting is adjacent to DutchView’s television studios and directly opposite the Machinegebouw. You are also welcome to combine the hire of these venues.

Building history

This space owes its name to the period that the municipal energy company used it for the repair and storage of lampposts.


  • Each event needs a different approach. We are pleased to give you advice on the content and capabilities of your event with a matching price indication. Click here for our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • The Westergasfabriek works with preferred partners for the catering. A remittance will be charged if you choose to work with a different caterer.


Pazzanistraat 27
1014 DB Amsterdam

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020 - 586 07 11

Maximum: 400
Plenary Theatre: 200
Dinner: 220

Surface size

Large hall: 480m2
Vide: 200m2
Entresol: 50m2


Total: 24m x 20m


Floor: power-floated concrete
Water : 2 x and 4 x drainage

Electricity: 2 x 32A
1 x 63A
Lighting: basic working light
Heating: present

Toilets: 2 x men
2 x women

Furniture, fittings and facilities
• Cloakroom for 200 people
• Bar, extra large
• Food and beverage island
• Presentation podium for laptop
• 10 standing tables
• 20 barstools
• Seating for 200 (in theatre setup)

• Mood lighting, including colour-adjustable
LED lights
• Sound system for speech and background
• Projector and screen
(16:9 ratio, 4m x 2.30m)
• Stage (4m x 3m x 40cm, black finish)
• 2 microphones
• Video switcher
• Laptop with Keynote and PowerPoint

• Maintenance
• Technical support
• Cleaning staff

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05.04.2013 WGF OV inrichting-3365